29 May 2018

New Tracks: 2017-2018 Demo Tracks
Three new tracks are now available on SoundCloud! "Mu-dwam Simulations," "Project Typhius," and "Crime Planet." The album is almost finished!

11 March 2018

New Tracks in 2018
“Adu Niomu Tercet” and “Welcome Home” are now available.

24 December 2017

New Tracks: 2017 Demo Tracks

Two new tracks from “Bayl” have been posted.  “Viesta High,” and “Entire Planet.”

14 September 2017

New Tracks: 2017 Demo Tracks

I'm working on new music for my second album, "Bayl." I have posted early versions of six tracks: "An Impure King," "Bayl," "Nycto," "PKD Facilities," Are You There? (Where/Who Are You?)," and "A Boy, His Cap And Its Stone (Bonus Track)."

23 August 2016

Defined By The Public Eye

"Defined By The Public Eye" is Cryliar's first album and features 10 songs of varying genres. Most of the tracks are classified as rock however dance, ambient, soundtrack, and lullaby tracks are also featured.